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Clams & Sammiches

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Our friend Pearlie was visiting us from LA and I wanted to cook a warming comfortable meal for her on a cold SF Sunday night. So for dinner I picked up Little Neck Clams, calarami and shrimp from the local Whole Foods. For the sauce I used diced tomatoes, chicken stock, dry white wine, dried oregano and parsley, fresh lemon juice and crush red pepper and simmered it for about 30 mins.

On the side I served mini sandwiches on ciabatta of grilled portobella, arugula. Some of the sandwiches had fresh milk pepper jack cheese and others had one of my absolute favorite cheeses that Whole Foods carries. Sottocerene Al Tartufo Mitica. It’s a cow’s milk cheese with black truffle. So delicious. Melts wonderfully too if you like making grilled cheese.

I guess you could say that my clams dish was kinda like cioppino. In a way it was, but just slightly different. It was definitely a crowd pleaser.


1 Response to "Clams & Sammiches"

I didn’t realize that your top entry on your blog was the clam meal you made Jane. Now I’m jealous that I didn’t come over the night you made that because that definitely looks YUMMY!

You are one excellent chef my dear! 🙂

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Ever since I was a little country bumpkin growing up in Alabama, I dreamed of living in a big city. No longer would I have to only befriend the local farm animals. I would have real people friends! I would wear suits and be important. And I'd be able to eat foreign foods like tacos or spaghetti.

Now here I am, living in San Francisco where I'm constantly surrounded by great food and food sources. And now I'm going to write about all of it. What I eat, what I cook. Where I shop for ingredients. Basically anything and everything about what I love most. FOOD!

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